The Music of Alien Planetscapes

Below are some MP3 files of what is the first of what I hope will be hours and hours of Doug and the bands fantastic music that was created over the years. I am awaiting digital copies of the whole catalog, which I hope that I can make available at least one MP3 from every concert and release, if not the whole releases.

Doug Walker and Peter Brotzmann and Friends- Public Access Synthesizer Studio, NYC 5/8/83

Improv 1 13:00

On Tribe- AP Tribute by Marc Powers from Born to Go

Live: 1/18/83 WFMU 91.1 (2006)

That’s a Strange Dog

Group Discussion

Improv Part 1

Gleepsite (1984)

Fading Signals Move On (Recorded on 10/27/84)

Survival in the Nuclear Age (1986)

GroundZero Brooklyn 8/29/86
First Madness 11/8/83

Doug Walker- Hal McGee Jam 1990

Space Trip Beyond Death- Doug Walker and Hal McGee Live 1990

Transitions 1991/1992

In Seven Seconds (Space Station Studio 10/17/92)

Jam Sessions 1991-1992

Jams 1991-1992

Radio Special Volume 8


Life on Earth CD (1997)

Chris in Space

Love Shack Radio

Lucky 13

The Official Bootleg Volume 1

Mr. Sparkle (Strange Daze Festival 8/15/98)

Andromeda 601 (Live from CBGB’s 7/31/99)

Prince Chubbs (Space Station Studio 4/17/99)

Strange Daze Festival 10/26/01 (Complete Concert) 51mins

Strange Daze Jam (Also see the gigs page for this broken down into 3 pieces.

The Last Sessions (2006)

Trippin’ thru Space


Dawn Mission

Doug Walker Memorial Jam Sessions August 2006

Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 3
Untitled 4
Untitled 5
Untitled 6