Gig List


1/13/82…WFMU Radio NJ (Raymond Franks Show)
3/21/82…WFMU Radio NJ (Raymond Franks Show)
5-1982 WFMU Radio NJ (Raymond Franks Show)
5/21/82….Lion’s Club NYC (Solo Show)
11/13/82… International Electronic Music Association Convention, Elmer NJ
2/5/83… WFMU Radio NJ (Raymond Franks Show)
6/11/83… 5th Avenue Street Festival, Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC
6/21/83…Private Performance for Gregory Tate, Space Station Studio 1 Brooklyn NYC
7/4/82…Tribute to the Ancestors, Coney Island, Brooklyn NYC
8/21/83…InRoads, NYC
10/15/83…STEPS TO PEACE 1 Benefit, Prospect Park ,Brooklyn NYC

Louis Boone: Synthesizers, Sequencers, Organs,
Electronic/Acoustic Percussion, Tapes, Effects
Doug Walker: Synthesizers, Sequencers, Organs, Electronic Flute
Glissando Guitar, Tapes, Effects
Kevin Shelton: BassGuitar
Marc Adler: Drums
Reginald Taylor: Synthesizer, Guitars

Louis Boone: Synthesizers, Organs, Electronic/Acoustic Percussion,
Tapes, Effects (came & went)
John Likides: Guitars, Effects (April 84-Nov.85)
Phillip Gelb: Guitars, Effects (April 84-Nov.85)
Arnold Mathis: Synthesizers, Sequencers(Nov. 84-Feb. 85)
David Prescott: Synthesizers, Sequencers, Keyboards, Effects (July 85-Dec. 86)
No concerts in 1984…we got robbed in June 1984, had to rebuild my battery of equipment, although the thieves didn’t get much, but enough vital stuff to slow us down

Aaron Davis Hall, The City College, NY 5/2/85 (as Perirama and part of the NYC Electronic Collective
Arronow Theatre, The City College, NYC 12/3/85
Alchemical Theatre, NYC 12/27/85
Space Station Studio, Brooklyn 10/31/86
Space Station Studio, Brooklyn 11/28/86
Space Station Studio, Brooklyn 12/24/86

DC Space, Washington DC 6/29/87
Cause and Effect, Indianapolis 7/9-12/87
Antenna Club, Memphis, TN. 7/18/87
WZRD, Chicago, ILL. 7/21/87
KXLU, Los Angeles, CA. 8/8/87
San Francisco, CA: 8/15/87
88 CLub, Los Angeles, CA. 8/22/87
Space Station Studio, Brooklyn 9/18/87

WFMU, East Orange, NJ 1/19/88 (Inteview and Music)
Bar None, NYC 3/9/88
Piermont Village Hall, Piermont, NY 5/21/88
29th Street Music Festival 8/29/88

NYC 2/24/90
WKCR, NYC 3/27/90
CBGB’s, NYC 4/5/90
CBGB’s, NYC 4/24/90
CBGB’s, NYC 4/27/90
Electric Cottage Interview 8/15/90

Wetlands 2/24/91 45m
Wetlands, NYC 5/21/91
6/21/91 WZBC Boston Live broadcast “No Commercial Potential” show
Glickman House 10/26/91
Top of the Gate, Village Gate, NYC 10/14/91
Rainbow Benifit, Wetlands, NYC 10/27/91
11/7/91 New Music Café, NYC

CBGB’s, NYC 7/21/92
Lone Star Roadhouse, NYC 1992

Queens, NY 10/31/93
Queens, NY 11/6/93

Underground Lounge, Woodside, NYC 8/27/94
NYC Marathon 11/6/94
Underground Lounge, Woodside, NY 12/17/94

Globe Theatre, Norwalk, CT 3/19/95
Brownies Cafe, NYC 5/14/95
Wheeler’s Pub, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY 9/27/95
Interview WKPN, Bridgeport, CT 11/9/95
WESU-FM, Middletown, CT 11/19/95 90m EX
AP 1996

Alien Planetscapes-F7i Jam Session, Queens, NY 6/26/96
NYC Marathon, NYC 11/3/96
Underground Lounge, Brooklyn, NY 11/9/96
Kenny’s Castaway, NYC 11/25/96
Pyramid Club, NYC 11/29/96
Club Spiral, NYC 12/9/96

Club Spiral, NYC 1/15/97
Club Spiral 2/18/97
Symposium, Cleveland, OH 3/8/97
Flipside, NYC 3/12/97
Club Spiral, NYC 4/30/97
Club Spiral, NYC 6/20/97
Club Spiral, NYC 7/19/97
Coney Island High, NYC 8/29/97
Strange Daze Festival, 8/30-31/97
Club Spiral, NYC 9/12/97
Orion Space Rock Festival, Baltimore, MD 10/18/97
Symposium, Cleveland, OH 10/31/97
WPKN, Bridgeport, CT. 11/13/97 Interview
Club Spiral, NYC 11/16/97
Club Spiral, NYC 12/7/97
Pyramid Club, NYC 12/20/97

Knitting Factory, NYC 5/17/98
Strange Daze Festival, Nelson’s Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville Ohio 8/15/98
Orion Space Rock Festival II, Baltimore, MD 10/3/98

NY Avenue, Huntington, Long Island 4/30/99
Club Spiral, NYC 5/23/99
CBGB’s, NYC 7/31/99
Strange Daze Festival, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Ohio 8/21/99

Quarkstock Space Rock & Avant-Prog Festival, Columbus, Ohio 5/27-28/00

WCSB, Cleveland, OH 10/26/01 Interview and Jam
Strange Daze, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH 10/26/01

Space Rock Festival, University of Pennsylvania’s The Landing Pad, 11/9/02 (Richard Orlando Solo)

Orion Studios, Baltimore, MD 4/04